Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3rd Grade Artist

The 3rd Grade learners are busy researching and analyzing various styles of art. They have been compiling their information in a mini-documentary that will be completed this spring. Be on the look out for their "movie premiere". Shown in this post are their "Surrealistic School Supply" art pieces. Students had to use our SCAMPER thinking strategy to modify a common school supply into the style of surrealism.

1st/2nd Rockin' Roller Coasters

1st and 2nd Grade learners have been exploring potential and kinetic energy by researching and observing roller coasters.We have examined how gravity, air resistence and friction affect velocity of roller coasters and the science behind constructing a successful roller coaster. Learners used their gained knowledge to  construct their own roller coaster given certain materials.

A New Semester

Hello, again! It seems like yesterday we began school and in a blink of an eye it's February!!! So much has happened this year and so this post will be a lenghty one! Your children amaze me every week and the work they are accomplishing is truly impressive! Not to mention we have had a blast in the process!

I hope you will enjoy the information and pictures of your incredible learners!!!!
Amy Smith