Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our "SUPER" Year

Welcome AND Welcome Back to QUEST!!!!
I am "super" excited to announce our "super-sized" theme this year.................SUPER!!!!!!
Each grade level will be developing and applying our QUEST objectives by analyzing what makes mechanisms, masterpieces, theories and attributes SUPER!

* First and second grade learners will be investigating the scientific principles of force and energy using toys.  Students will apply investigative techniques, basic physics and engineering principles while exploring and creating toys.  Students will conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data, think critically and creatively, and develop reasoning and problem solving skills.

* Third grade learners will be analyzing art and architecture through myriad perspectives. Learners will examine the masterpieces of renowned artists and architects by researching techniques, styles and purpose of the individual work of art. Learners will also understand the influence art and architecture has on our daily lives.
* Fourth grade learners will discover the fascinating world of Fibonacci and the Fibonacci sequence. Learners will dissect patterns in nature to realize how math can explain scientific phenomenon.

* Fifth grade learners will  be exploring and investigating power and science through the genre of fiction in order to develop critical and creative thinking strategies, metacognition, research, and affective reasoning skills. During our first semester we will scientifically explore superheroes in order to investigate power.  Students will differentiate truth from fiction based on scientific principles. They will also evaluate the character traits of superheroes and how those character traits impact society.  Second semester, students will explore real-life heroes and discover what makes these individuals "super". 

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