Thursday, September 29, 2011

We are off to a SUPER start!

Hello QUEST Enthusiasts!!!
Well, we have had a stupendous start to our school year! All grade levels began by analyzing their "super powers" and symbolically representing their attributes by creating their own super hero. These remarkable super heroes can be found overseeing the QUEST hallway. Come and take a look!!!!

The first and second grade learners have been analyzing and categorizing toys. We began an experiment this week involving pull-back cars to determine if their was a correlation between distance "pulled" and distance traveled. We discussed the difference between potential and kinetic energy and learned what a variable was and how it can be used in experimentation.

Super Structures
The budding artists and art critics of third grade have been viewing the art elements from a variety of perspectives. We used the art elements this week to better understand how artists express their ideas in a painting. The learners even had a chance to begin creating their first masterpiece!

 The fourth grade learners discovered the Fibonacci Sequence by analyzing a pine cone. They compared all the "families of helices" found on a pine cone and documented the patterns. What fun!
** "Brainwork" was sent home this week. We discussed this week how the Fibonacci Sequence has been used to explain nature and it is their job to explore the connections between math and science. Learners were asked to be observers of their surroundings and document their "Fibonacci Findings".  This brainwork is a continuous documentation of findings throughout the year, not something "due" next week. Don't be surprised if your child asks to visit the floral section at the grocery store OR if they begin cutting their fruit and vegetables in a different direction :)

Super Heroes/Super Powers
Our 5th grade topic of study began this week by examining super heroes to determine what aspects and attributes of these super heroes were plausible and non-plausible. Learners collaborated with a partner and determined the positive and negative aspects of a "super trait". Our study of super heroes continues with a discussion on character and perception of others.

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